Flag Football

UpdatedTuesday July 19, 2022 by Joe Tubbs.

Flag Football Registration is OPEN! Will close 7/24 with remaining going to waiting list.

Football is played during the Fall months and registration occurs during July and/or can extend into the first week in August.

Registration timelines are subject to change based off city input. Registration can be closed if signee capacity is met.

City of HSV rec plays NFL Flag rules/setup. See the following link for definition: (Flag Football Rules - NFL FLAG)

Age designation/cutoff is based off what age they are as of 8/1 (of current year) per City ARPA guidelines.

Leagues and Ages for Flag are as follows:

  • 6u - 5/6 yr olds
  • 8u - 7/8 yr olds
  • 10u - 9/10 yr olds
  • 12u - 11/12 yr olds
  • 13u and up - if enough in park and city then will create. if not enough then will be rolled into 12u.

For more information, please email football@hsv-eastern-league.org

8u City All-stars 2021
10u State Team 2021
8u State Champs 2021
8u State Champs 2021 x2