Soccer FAQ

UpdatedFriday August 31, 2018 byDavid Alldredge.

When are practices?

Each coach gets to decide when and how many practices a week to do. Each coach will also decide how much to practice once games start.  In the Fall, we have two dedicated soccer fields and share the baseball fields with fall baseball. So for U6 and U8, we have the fields M, T, T, and Sat.  U10 and above use the dedicated soccer fields and so we can practice any day of the week.   The league will recommend the older age groups follow the M, T, T, and Sat format but additional practices may occur on W, F, or Sun.

In Spring, all age groups use the two soccer fields with the smaller fields placed inside the larger fields.  Each season we determine which days the various age groups will play by factoring in how many teams are in each age group and trying to give the same amount of practice slots to each group. More than likely, an age group will be on a M,W,F schedule or a T,T,Sat schedule.

When are games?

Fall: For U6 and U8, games will be on the same days as practices.  For U10 and above, the city schedules the games so any days are possible. Games won't start until after Labor Day and will run until late October.  Usually 1 game a week but some weeks will have 2.

Spring: The Spring season is played all at Cove Park as we are one of the only parks that offers Spring soccer.  Therefore, the schedule is made by the League.  Games will follow the same schedule as practices in regards to day and time slots.  Games typically start in early April and end in late May.

Where are games played?

Fall: For U6 and U8, we play all of our games at Cove Park. For U10 and above, we play about half at Cove Park and the other half at parks throughout the city.  There just aren’t enough teams to only play within the park like there are for the younger age groups.

Spring: All games will be at Cove Park


What is the cost and what does it include?

The cost for each season is determined prior to open registration and will be published once registration opens.  For Spring 2018, the cost for each age group will be follows:

$50 for U6 which covers jerseys, trophies, and insurance.

$60 for U8 which covers jerseys, trophies, refs, and insurance.

$60 for U8 which covers jerseys, refs, and insurance.

$60 for U12/U14 which covers jerseys, refs, and insurance.

What equipement does my child need?

Shin guards are required for all practices and all games and a ball, although not required, is highly recommended.  Fur U5, U6, and U8 size 3, for U10 and U12, size 4, and for U14 size 5.  Soccer cleats are also recommeded but not required.  No baseball or football cleats are allowed.

In the Fall, the league supplies jerseys, shorts, and socks. In the Spring, we supply only the jersey, so each player will be responsible for the shorts and socks, both black. 

What age groups do you offer and what age group will my son/daughter be in?

New for 2017, the city has adjusted the cutoff date to align with US Soccer. This means that the age groups will be based on birth year, i.e. a Jan 1 cutoff. Please see the attachment at the bottom of this page for a matrix to determine what age group your child will play in.  In the matrix, the season runs Aug to May so that the 2017-2018 season covers Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Also note that the U5 age group does not appear on the US Soccer Matrix, but will still offer both U5 and U6.

Fall: We offer under-5 (U6) through U14 with some age groups coed and others boys and girls. In Fall 2017, we had enough interest for a U16 team for the first time and we will continue to offer that if there is enough interest.

Spring: Since we are the only park that offers soccer in the Spring, we can only offer age groups that have enough teams to play against each other.  This means that we typically limit the Spring age groups to U5 coed, U6 coed, U8 coed and U10 coed.   U12 and U14 are defaulted straight to a waiting list so we can evalute the number of interested players without having to fully register.  Follow the normal registration process and the system will inform you that the division is full and on a waiting list.


Can my child play up in a higher age group?

Yes, if you decide that your child would be better playing up an age group then you can do that.  Keep in mind, that it is possible to play against kids that are up to 3 years older if they have a birthday during the season.  For example, if your child is 5 and they move up to U8, then another player could turn 8 after Aug 1 and still be considered a U8 player.

During the registration process, there will be the option to register for the age appropriate divsion and the one above it.


Can I request to play with a particular coach or my child's best friend?

Our numeber one goal is to have everyone to have a positiive experience.  In our opinion, the best way to do this is have balanced teams so everyone feels they have been challenged and feels that they have won and lost some.  Accepting request certainly takes longer to try and achieve balanced teams but is also leads to unbalanced teams as well.  So for these reason, we are not honoring requests with two exception. The first is if you volunteer to coach and have a child playing, your child will be on your team.  The second is that siblings will be placed on the same team by default. Thank you for your understanding on this.

New for 2017, coaches will be allowed to request one assistant coach in the U5 and U6 groups.


How do I register?

Online at There is a banner above the pictures that says registration now open.

US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix.pdf