2018 Spring Baseball Information

Updated Tuesday February 13, 2018 by Justin Carter .


Registration is open and will run through 4 MAR !  

Please remember the new USA Bat rule for Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors and 50-70.  T-ball can use any USA Bat, or a 2 1/4 diameter bat that has the "Approved for Little League Play" stamped on the bat, meaning it was approved last year.  No non-USA Bat can have bigger than a 2 1/4 diameter barrel.  If you are unsure, please email me for clarification and approval.  Some have asked if a USA T-Ball bat can be used in Coach Pitch.  The answer is YES, and those bats are typically less than 27" in length.  But please be aware that a T-Ball bat is constructed with the understanding that a ball will be hit off a tee, not thrown at the batter.  This could cause the bat to crack, or dent.  Any bat with a crack, or dent, can be ruled illegal by the umpires.  All Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors and 50-70 games will have bat checks prior to each games to ensure all bats are legal.  If an illegal bat is used, the rules will be enforced per the Little League Rule book.


There are no new bat rules for Softball.


Evaluations for Baseball are as follows:


Sunday, 4 MAR:

  • Coach Pitch -- 1 PM -- Field 2
  • Minors -- 3:30 PM -- Field 3
  • Majors -- 6:30 PM -- Field 2


Evaluations for Softball are as follows:


Sunday, 4 MAR:

  • 8U Softball -- 2 PM -- Field 1
  • 10U Softball -- 2 PM -- Field 4
  • 12U Softball -- 5 PM -- Field 4
  • 15U Softball -- 5 PM -- Field 1 (IF NEEDED)